Jungle Heist

Jungle Heist by Rob Phayre, is the second novel in The Response Files series. Rob Phayre’s debut novel, Ransom Drop won the audiobookreviewer.com ‘reviewers choice’ award in November 2021.

The Associate is back in action. His target? One of the largest and best protected gold mines in the world, hidden deep in the jungles of Ghana. Using cheap, available done technology, and flying in an explosive swarm, his team smash their way through the defences.

With corrupt ministers surrounding him, The President can’t trust even his most loyal allies. He turns to Max and his team of highly trained, ex military specialists for support. Can they respond in time and intercept the gold as it is transported through the Jungle?
Can his team recover it while a corrupt enemy tries to seize the value and power that it will bring them?
Why is The Associate trying to topple The President, and what is his ultimate agenda?

Jungle Heist is the second book in the Response Files series written by Rob Phayre and available on Amazon. Rob spent months living and working in the jungle during his military career. He was a military pilot and did many of the things that he describes in this action packed novel. The audio book is available on Audible.

Jungle Heist is a work of fiction, but it is based extensively on his experiences. That comes through in every creepy crawly, sweaty and explosive word! Click here to leave a review,give feedback, or contact us.

Military flying in the Jungle